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Who We Are

A Family Run Business in Oak Harbor & Whidbey Island

Changing careers from a chef to house painter was a much easier transition than expected as Jay found a new passion after moving on from the restaurant industry. Having a young family to support and a new baby on the way, the restaurant industry just didn't have the stability he could rely on to give them all the things they needed. At the end of the day, the one you can rely on the most is yourself, so Jay picked his life back up and learned a new trade from one of the most experienced house painters in the area.

Over time he learned all the tricks and nuances of house painting while working alongside a master painter. Eventually, he was ready to go out on his own and start something for himself. Jay's wife, Amanda goes with him and works by his side, while his mother, Debbie handles the office work and watches the kids. When he's not painting homes he's begun work on building a petting zoo on his farm to share with local families and their children.

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How to get started

We like to keep it pretty easy to work with us and good communication is a huge part of our process. We lay everything out and answer all your questions every step of the way.


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Reach our and give us a call to talk about your project and we can even help make some recommendations.


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Jay will come by to give a proper estimate and work with you on making sure you get everything you need in your project.


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Let us handle everything! Once you are on the schedule you won't have to do anything and leave all the hard work to us!

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